Sena 3D print and paint commission.

Sena 3D print and paint commission.

I have to admit , this was first time I ever came accross character called Sena. Sena is apparently a popular character from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 videogame published by Nintendo.

Customer requested if it would be possible print and paint Sena in 1:10 for his friend as a surprise gift. He aquired the stl files form the digital sculptor named Dr. Sleepyy.

After proper adjustments I was able to print Sena on Anycubic M3 Premium 8K printer using their resin.

Painting Time! I really like using Vallejo paints, as for their adherence and color selection. Their selection of Air colors that are thin enough for the airbrush use is also great. So after application of Vallejo primer, I went ahead to use some of colors that were already great fitting shades need such as White, Basic Skin or Gold Yellow. Some of the other colors had to be mixed in order to get close to the original image customer shared with me.

So at the end I think it came out great! Both customer and recipient of this surprice gift loved it and that is all that matter. As always customer's satisfaction is my priority!

I know it's little brief, but I promise, next posts about work in progress will be more detailed. 😉

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