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Eris The Dune Hunter Statue

Eris The Dune Hunter Statue

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Before we arrived, the planet was supposedly teeming with life. Green, verdant, alive. But during our crossing of the void, something happened. Our scientists have many hypotheses, but none have progressed to theories. But whatever happened resulted in the planet becoming a desert, infested with massive mechanical creatures. We're unsure what came first, the desert or the things within them. Buried in the dunes lie wrecked humanoid robots of towering scale. It would appear that the civilization here before us attempted to defend itself from the giant mechanized creatures of the sands. They failed. Unable to return, we must make do with what we can scrounge. That's my job. My name is Eris. I'm a Dune Hunter.

In this piece, Eris backs herself against the remnants of a giant mechanical hand and attempts to defend herself from a mechanical sandworm bearing down upon her.

UNPAINTED and UNASSEMBLED 3D printed kit in 1:10, 1:8, or 1:6 scale.

Printed on high-resolution 3D printers using high-quality resins.
As with every other 3D printed kit, this kit may require some minor sanding, gap filling and primer application before painting.

Each 3D printed kit will be shipped in parts (unless otherwise specified) to prevent possible damage during transit and allow more precise painting of some features, that would be difficult to paint on assembled statues.

Designed by Ben Douglas of Ritual Casting.
KAPIKOPRINTED is a licensed merchant of Ritual Casting.

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