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Ghost in the Shell - Major Motoko Statue

Ghost in the Shell - Major Motoko Statue

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UNPAINTED and UNASSEMBLED 3D printed kit in 1:10, 1:8, or 1:6 scale.

The Major is the lead character in the landmark cyberpunk manga Ghost in the Shell. The series, by Masamune Shirow, started in 1989 and the anime and movie adaptations started in 1995. The story is about an elite security unit working for the Japanese government in a complex future where technology is everywhere. Though it’s full of action, technical specs, and politics, the core theme remains the soul and human identity. This model has hollowed pipes, which gives you the ability to put wiring and LEDs to light up the Neon Banner on the BASE!

Available in movies, comics, or topless variants.

Available in SFW or NSFW (Exposed) variants.

Printed on high-resolution 3D printers using high-quality resins. As with every other 3D printed kit, this kit may require some minor sanding, gap filling and primer application before painting.

Each 3D printed kit will be shipped in parts (unless otherwise specified) to prevent possible damage during transit and allow more precise painting of some features, that would be difficult to paint on assembled statues.

FanArt created by VXLabs.

KAPIKOPRINTED is a licensed merchant of VXLabs.

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