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Keena The Anointed Statue

Keena The Anointed Statue

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The sky is on fire. The Veil burns with eerie incandescence and from behind the ethereal embers the stars watch with a malignant permanence. With nothing to separate Aestara from the roiling void, it seeps into the land and spreads its stain, corrupting and spoiling whatever it touches. 

Since the war in the south, when the Scorching began, there have been sightings of strange creatures in the ancient and twisted forest of Gwithilyn and word of entire tribes disappearing within has finally reached the Treveri tribe. They now prepare their warriors and scouts to investigate the spreading shadow. 

This is part one of a two-part diorama depicting an untested warrior by the name of Keena who kneels before Ronelle, the seeress of the Treveri presenting her blade to receive the Anointing before she departs on her quest.

Available in SFW (dressed) and NSFW (Exposed) variants.

UNPAINTED and UNASSEMBLED 3D printed kit in 1:10, 1:8, or 1:6 scale.

Printed on high-resolution 3D printers using high-quality resins.
As with every other 3D printed kit, this kit may require some minor sanding, gap filling and primer application before painting.

Each 3d printed kit will be shipped in parts (unless otherwise specified) to prevent possible damage during transit and allow more precise painting of some features, that would be difficult to paint on assembled statues.

Designed by Ben Douglas of Ritual Casting.
KAPIKOPRINTED is a licensed merchant of Ritual Casting.

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